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Explicit events


image Alfreda Hadley

Great food all around and personable touch. Catered a personally delivered Valentines Day dinner with everything from the entrée to the dessert with lots of choices. Crab Cakes, Vegetables, and yes Red Velvet Cake. Absolutely delicious!!

image Maria Mcgovern

The ribs were extremely tender, corn was juicy, banana pudding was delicious, even the coleslaw tasted great! Definitely recommend this place!! So glad I stopped!!!

image Lenicia Smith

The food is delicious and the presentation is remarkable! Highly recommended!!!

image Al Dixon Jr.

had a great time with friends and delicious food!

image Charlita Campbell

Great flavorful food beautiful decor excellent service.

image Calvin Nelson

Had the opportunity to attend an event today featuring the culinary skills of Darrell Goodwin. The food was awesome. Collard and Turnip greens, ham, dressing, potato salad, curry chicken, deviled eggs, roast, fried chicken. Everything was seasoned an... Read more

image J Craig Fowler

this is such a professional and well put together company. the service is exceptional and the food is great and and served with class.

image Elder Kevin Hart

Explicit Events has 5 Star service and has the dexterity to serve an quaint night on the town for 2 and the celebration for 200 at the highest level of excellence! I would highly recommend

image Larissa Richards

The food is BOMB!!!! The service is exceptional!!!